What is
Class Connect ?

Class Connect is a FREE social-utility app for College students.
-It provides an interface to manage Schedule and let users to simply identify the status of classes for the whole week. Students will get instant notification if any class is cancelled or rescheduled. They can set a reminder to never miss any class.
-Share & download Notes which will be classified on the basis of the subject, all stored in the cloud and can be downloaded with any device.
-It helps students to find their Community or build one.
-Students can explore Events in their college so as not to miss any action.
-It provides an interface by which students can Find other students on the basis of their interests and skills.

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Manage you schedule with your classmates easily. Personal schedule section also available


Never miss any class. Cafe with friends or sleep at home, we will remind you. We promise


Get instant notification if any class is cancelled or rescheduled. Extra class or new notes, you will be notified


Download notes from cloud. Download notes from cloud. Download notes from cloud. Download notes from cloud.


Find friends on the basis of same passious as yours. An indentical clone. Just kidding...am I?


We connect you with your classmates without the need of their mobile number, chat them privately or in group chat

Do I really need this cool awesome app?

“YUP, we were also experiencing the problem in our college, of missing class, chat group filled with 300-400 irrelevant messages, confusion and keep looking for notes before semester exam. This app solves it for you and act as a utility app every college student must have.

Is this app free?

“Duh, YES and there is No Advertisment. Right now we are focused on providing solution surrounding education and to make students more efficient and bridge a new dynamic connection between students

What if I am not a college students?

“Well this app is for college students and if you are not in college yet, just wait till college and if you have already completed the college, the friendship never dies, you can still connect to your classmates.

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