Who we are

Well, once we were also college students.
We as a junior faced problems. We as senior faced problems.
There are so many educational websites and resources to help you with education but there are no effective and convenient tools out there to help college students with their everyday problems.
The personal experiences inspired us to start building complex software tools to solve as many problems we can identify.
And during these developments, we came across something, and it became our motto.

“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency”
We understood, that to help students we have to solve the fundamental problems they face everyday. So we created Class Connect.
The understanding of the problem, the need to solve it drives us to make a great product and help college students with their campus life.

We want to connect them like we could have been connected to make most out of us. In this ever-changing society, we came up with ideas everyday to make life better and better and we are a part of it. We want to provide students the sophistication, productivity, the sense of power, the sense of control, we want them to feel satisfied by being productive as well as social.
The End.

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