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Schedular is a feature where students can view & manage schedule. There is a interactive way to view schedule for whole week and make changes permanent for whole semester or for temporary just for a week. Get instant notification if class is cancelled or rescheduled. You can sync the class schedule with your personal schedule and add your dance or swimming classes. You can set reminder to never miss any class.


Notes is a feature where you download notes uploaded by your classmates. All notes are classified on the basis of subject. You can upload image, pdf, word & ppt. The most fascinating thing about thing notes is that if you want to delete the file, you can and the file will be available again to download.

You can log in via web browser to Class Connect to download notes directly from pc without your phone.

Friends Finder

Finder is a feature that help students to find friends on the basis of their interest and skills. After signup you will be asked to add interest and skills and on the basis of that you will get result of students similar to you. Well you can chat them directly there or meet them in person and boost your productivity.

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